Behringer Pro~800 Editor


This is a work-in-progress graphical editor for the Behringer Pro-800 synth.

Beta 4.2 available for testing: Download the Pro~800 Editor Beta 4.2 Version
Older builds:
Download the Pro~800 Editor Beta 4.1 Version
Download the Pro~800 Editor Beta 4 Version
Download the Pro~800 Editor Beta 3 Version
Download the Pro~800 Editor Beta 2.1 Version
Download the Pro~800 Editor Beta 2 Version

This version supports bidirectional editing beteween your Pro~800 and your computer.
It will react to patch changes on your Pro~800 so that you can see the hidden parameters and modify them easily.
It will load the patch library of the current bank and send back program and parameter changes.
It also supports renaming of patches, although that has not been extensively tested yet -
Please back up your pacthes with a sysex dump before using.

Make sure the correct MIDI input and MIDI output is selected in the MIDI menu.
Click "Bank buttons 1-4" to load a bank.
Select patch name see the patch settings.
Double-click on patch name to send patch change message to the Pro~800
You can copy a patch using the Copy & Paste menu items from the EDIT menu.
NOTE: Edits to patches needs to be saved on the Pro~800 before you use Copy/Paste
When editing a knob, you can right-click to reset to original value.

System Requirements : Microsoft Windows

New features in Beta 4.2
* Avoid attempting to reload empty patches, this should makes switching to a bank that is not full faster.
* Fixed a problem with the "LED" window that it wouldn't show up if you were not in dynamic rescale mode.

New features in Beta 4.1
* Fixed digital readout timing.
* Reversed Envelope Shape CC - This was a change for 1.3.7 that makes editing of Envelope Shape reversed on older firmwares.

New features in Beta 4
* A display showing parameter values for parameters edited or rolled over. This could affect performance so there is a setting to turn it off.
* Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V can be used for copy/paste.
* Echo MIDI menu option for debugging. Not sure I will keep this one. Probably either expand on it or remove it. Make your case.

New features in Beta 3
* You can now rename patches in the Edit menu
* The VCA AT, VCF AT and LFO AT parameters should now load correctly.

New features in Beta 2.1
* Copy & Paste of patches
* Mouse wheel scroll support for bank list.

New features in Beta 2
* Limited patch management and librarian functionality.

New features in Beta 1
* Added a 'check for updates' menu.
* Removed the Alpha version nag screen.
* Fixed a scaling problem with the knob controls.

New features in Alpha 3
* Rescaled application for native 1920 resolution.
- If you have 1920 resolution or higher, the GUI quality is higher if you disable dynamic screen scaling mode (Settings menu)
- There are still some oddities going on with the knobs if you rescale to > 2500 resolution
* Brightened the switches by some 25% from user feedback.

New features in Alpha 2
* Fixed an issue with midi initialization
* Added dynamic screen scaling mode

Upcoming features
* Librarian functionality, including patch renaming

Please send feedback to me directly at: